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THE X-MEN BOOK: We Need Testimonials

The book is NEARLY DONE!  Our publisher will get the manuscript from me in a couple of weeks, editing will begin, and we plan to have it out this summer.  Please let me know what you think of Will Meugniot’s first mock-up  of a design for the cover (below).  I’m sure it will evolve.  One last favor: I have a chapter called “Testimonials,” where fans write, in about a page or so (no set length), about what watching X-MEN:TAS meant to them.  There is still room for a few more in the book, but I will need them quickly.  (You can send them as document files to  We’d really appreciate it.)  When the book comes out, it will be available on Amazon and at bookstores.  But it you buy it from the publisher directly (, or from my table at a Con, you will be sure to get an autographed copy.  Also, I am assured that the publisher’s website will be set up to accept pre-sale orders (not sure when yet) before the actual date of publication.

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2 thoughts on “THE X-MEN BOOK: We Need Testimonials”

  1. I saw you received mine so hopefully at least a part of it can be used. I posted this link in the Facebook group for X-Men: TAS so I hope others who love this show as much as I do can also share their memories.

    As far as the cover goes it looks pretty sweet (I am sure copyright issues keep the normal “X-Men” logo or art from being used?) The only thing I would suggest is having Cyclops’ hair visible, as the skullcap suggests the 80s version of him (I personally never liked that look for him as he striked me visually as being a robot).

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