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Eric Lewald and
Julia Lewald.

We write, animation and live action, for television, movies and everything else.  Eric developed X-Men: The Animated Series for television and served as the showrunner. Julia wrote for the series. 

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Our Passion

Eric and Julia Lewald are entertainment veterans. Having written hundreds of beloved shows throughout the years, X-Men:TAS holds a special place in their hearts. Both Eric and Julia love traveling the country – and internet –  meeting fans of the 90’s X-Men series.

We have books!

PREVIOUSLY ON X-MEN: "...is the best resource about the beloved show you could possibly want."

X-MEN: THE ART AND MAKING OF THE ANIMATED SERIES: "Plain and simple, this is a must-buy for all X-Men fans."

We love speaking with fans!

Over the years we’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet with fans in person from conventions, festivals and book signings to podcasts. We love interacting with the fans that made X-Men:TAS possible.

Disconcerting Yet Provocative

On Oct. 31st, 1992, on “Night of the Sentinals Pt. 1” our Beast (George Buza) said, re: an explosive device, “If this were to detonate, it would be disconcerting… disconcerting yet provocative.”

On November 12th 2021, Marvel/Disney+ made the announcement that X-Men ’97 is happening.

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