Even with the best of intentions, you can get in trouble.  Some of you may remember that at the end of each episode during the first season, there was a primitive, spinning, 3-D, CGI (computer-generated-image) model of each of our lead characters that ran alongside the credits.  Each of our eight leads was featured, turning 360 degrees, along with a brief description of his or her powers printed beneath the model.  This was Will Meugniot’s idea.  He understood that 80% of our audience had never heard of the X-Men before.  Having a reminder of who was who in the team and what their powers were was a service to the audience.  It was also time-consuming and EXPENSIVE at a time when CGI was in its infancy.  Well, no good deed goes unpunished.  When the shows came out in January, 1993, a cry went up that these  3-D figures of our X-MEN:TAS team looked like built-in toy advertisements.  Much to Will’s disappointment, we had to discontinue showing them.  Every successful show has merchandising — either before or after the fact.  The “product placement” rules are silly.  A show is good or bad.  What it may end up helping to sell is immaterial.  We got away with breaking a lot of rules on X-MEN:TAS.  Here’s one we couldn’t get past.

end CGI models

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