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Hundreds of millions of people around the world have enjoyed watching X-MEN:TAS.  This in itself is humbling for those of us who worked on the show.  For some viewers, however, the series proved to be more than just a cherished pleasure.  It affected their lives.  Careers were chosen, ideals formed.  Our intention was simply to tell and draw and voice the best animated TV stories we could.  No hidden agendas.  We were handed the task of explaining the lives of mutant superheroes who found themselves in a classically tragic situation — being feared and attacked for being different, for being “exceptional.”  I have met many people over the past 20 years who have said, “The X-Men animated series changed my life.”  How do you reply to that?  It’s a wonderful feeling, intensely gratifying.  We hope to post many of these “testimonials” on this site over the coming months and years, most often on “Fan Fridays.”  We started back in July with Jenee Darden’s eloquent memory.  Below is one of the more striking stories I have heard.  The Canadian gentleman who posted it in June was kind enough to permit us to reprint it here.

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