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Everybody who cares about X-MEN:TAS has a favorite character.  For me, it was a toss-up between Beast and Professor X.  I guess being put in charge of a project, I was drawn to authority figures.  For most fans it was rebellious Wolverine (thanks, Len Wein).  For many it was sexy, powerful Rogue.  But for Will Meugniot, the guy who designed the series (choosing to make animation-friendly versions of the characters, closest in look to the originals of the great Jim Lee), it was Jean Grey.  Why?  To Marvel at the time Jean was an after-thought.  We writers soon discovered what a key she was to storytelling — she was the quiet center that held the team together.  But she sure didn’t have the coolest look or power or name.  And that’s why Will loved her.  She wasn’t “Fantastica!” or “Megamistress!”  She was just Jean Grey.  Please enjoy some early Jean “Head Pose Roughs” that Will sketched for himself as he designed the characters in early 1992, and a later glamour pose that he drew just because he wanted to.288_Jean_Gray_head_ruffs


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