behind-the-scenes, X-Men Show


In the eleven months of work it took to get to the official premier of X-MEN:TAS shown on Fox TV in January, 1993, there were dozens of opportunities for the project to go in a wrong direction.  99% of TV projects find a way to fail.  Will Meugniot and Larry Houston wouldn’t let us fail.  Both of them had loved comics and the X-Men since their childhoods in the 1960s.  Both had worked on years of TV projects, some good, some bad.  This time TV would get it right!  I didn’t know and love the X-Men the way that they did (not yet).  I just wanted to tell good stories.   Many people wanted a very different show (younger, goofier), and they weren’t shy about pressing us to change it.  But Will and Larry knew what an X-Men animated series needed to be.  Others supported us at critical times, but if it weren’t for Larry (Producer/Director) and Will (Producer/Designer), the X-MEN:TAS that we know today wouldn’t exist.  Here is a photo of the two of them, working in Korea in 1991, just months before we were thrown together to make the show.  I was the third person hired to do the series.  Will and Larry were number one and two — something for which I am still thankful.

Larry and Will in Korea 1991

Larry Houston left, Will Meugniot right

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