behind-the-scenes, X-Men Show


X-Men fans continue to amaze us.  What is it about these characters that has fascinated people all over the planet for decades?  How did our 76 episodes add to or subtract from that fascination?  How great is it to bump into someone half-way around the world who has shared the love for a story or relationship from our series and is eager to talk about it!  Those of us who made the show understand because we are equally passionate fans of special shows that have come before.  Check out the two images posting today.  One is from an anonymous fan (write in if it was you) who went to the trouble of assembling a beautiful collage of 60 character images from X-MEN:TAS.  (Can you name them all?)  The other is a picture of an exhausted X-MEN showrunner, and two of the youngest fans of the series — one who had been aged 18 months, the other only 23 days, when, a couple years earlier, we premiered on October 31, 1992.

eric with X-fansX-men collage 6-16

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