behind-the-scenes, X-Men Show


The first season there was great interest from Marvel, among others, about which characters we were going to feature in the 13 episodes.  Some appearances of major stars were a given — like the Sentinels, Magneto, Sabertooth, Juggernaut, Apocalypse, etc.  Mark Edens and I had no preferences before hand.  We simply picked and featured characters that made the stories stronger and that best brought out the nature of the core team that we had been given.  Morph (originally “Changeling”) was planned for killing off during the first two episodes (to highlight Wolverine’s grief).  Jubilee was our newcomer, heavily featured in those two episodes as a “way in” to learn the X-Men universe.  Beast, while he was intended to be minor, grew in our love and affection.  Below you can see a chart I prepared, with numbers and colors, to give the producers an initial idea of how much each character would be seen during the season.  A higher number meant a larger role in the episode.  As we wrote the stories, some characters came more to the fore than had been planned (like Beast).  Series evolve as they are written.  But you have to start with a plan.  Enjoy:Character appearances

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