We’ve been amazed to find a wealth of articles written by, for and about X-Men: TAS. This tells us that X-Men: TAS really struck a chord with viewers, and has continued to resonate over time. With everything from ‘best of episodes’ lists to more scholarly examinations of the moral underpinnings of the show, there’s something for everyone here, and we’ll keep adding more.


Julia & Eric


CHANNING TATUM – X-Men: TAS Got Him Into Gambit

Channing Tatum thumb
gambit morph as gambit

Our Favorite Cajun has a big fan.

DECIDER – X-Men: TAS Served Up Superhero Feminism Like Nothing Before

sentinel jubilee rogue storm mall

From Meghan O’Keefe

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT – How X-Men Became One of TV’s Best Animated Series


From Joe Bergren

CBR’s Brian Cronin Talks to Us About the Opening

comic book resources 01
xmen opening bad guys running who are they

Remembering that unforgettable intro.

Eric’s Interview with The Beat

the beat comic book culture

Our thanks to Taimur Dar and Heidi MacDonald for this.

“The Gifted” Premiere Gift that Keeps on Giving

the gifted phone ring tone

Great ringtone, or greatest ringtone?

The Ringtone Heard Round the World

the gifted 01

Digital Spy looks – and listens – to everyone’s new favorite ringtone.

CBR Looks at Unused X-Men Designs


An interesting look at what might have been.


aaron hollywood reporter cal dodd interview

CAL DODD, the voice of Wolverine for millions, talks about his iconic role with AARON COUCH.

TIME names Storm to 26 Most Brilliant Female Cartoon Characters List

storm rain

Our STORM receives rightful recognition.

WALL STREET JOURNAL – Superhero Costumes Help Children Overcome Obstacles

child young homemade wolverine costume cosplay

Role-playing as a superhero may have real-life benefits.

NERDIST looks back at ‘Night of the Sentinels’

nerdist 02 image

KYLE ANDERSON begins his examination of the entire series.

X-Men Themed Cocktails: Mutant & Proud & Potent

the beast cocktail blue

Behold the Beast! The Fervent Shaker makes a strong case for specialized cocktails for each of our X-Men – cheers!

Comic Book Resource Names 15 Best Episodes of X-Men: TAS

comic book resources 01

CBR counts down its top 15.

Why X-Men:TAS Mattered to Me

retro revelations blog

RETRO REVELATIONS shares some personal remembrances.

X-Men:TAS 24th Anniversary Interview for GEEKS Media

joshua sky interview geek 24th anniversary

JOSHUA SKY speaks with us about how X-Men:TAS came to be, and how we and many other talented folks came to be involved.

X-Men: TAS Helped Set Template for Today’s Comic Book Movies

vulture matt patches interview set template modern movies

MATT PATCHES interviews us about our adaption of “Days of Future Past” Parts 1 & 2 in connection with the release of the 2014 film.

What X-Men Can Teach About Storytelling

will van stone jr what xmen can teach about story telling article

WILL VAN STONE, JR. writes that bright colors and fantastical powers aside, at its core X-Men: TAS is all about the story.

No X-Men TV series will ever beat the ’90s cartoon and here’s why

morgan jeffery no xmen tv series compete against animated heres why

MORGAN JEFFERY examines X-Men: TAS, including its epic theme song, and its impact even now.

11 Lessons the ‘X-Men’ Movies Can Learn From the 1990s Animated Series

11 lessons movies can learn from cartoon xmen josh

JOSH WIGLER looks at what X-Men: TAS got right, and what the others get wrong over and over and over.

10 Episodes that Show How X-Men became the Longest-Running Marvel Cartoon

david sims 10 episodes that show longest running marvel show tas

The AV CLUB presents DAVID SIMS and his Top Ten picks – do you agree with this list?