We’ve been amazed to find a wealth of articles written by, for and about X-Men: TAS. This tells us that X-Men: TAS really struck a chord with viewers, and has continued to resonate over time. With everything from ‘best of episodes’ lists to more scholarly examinations of the moral underpinnings of the show, there’s something for everyone here, and we’ll keep adding more.

CBR’s Brian Cronin Talks to Us About the Opening

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xmen opening bad guys running who are they

Remembering that unforgettable intro.

Eric’s Interview with The Beat

the beat comic book culture

Our thanks to Taimur Dar and Heidi MacDonald for this.

X-Men:TAS 24th Anniversary Interview for GEEKS Media

joshua sky interview geek 24th anniversary

JOSHUA SKY speaks with us about how X-Men:TAS came to be, and how we and many other talented folks came to be involved.

X-Men: TAS Helped Set Template for Today’s Comic Book Movies

vulture matt patches interview set template modern movies

MATT PATCHES interviews us about our adaption of “Days of Future Past” Parts 1 & 2 in connection with the release of the 2014 film.