We chat with podcasters, panelists and people from around the world: Liverpool to Los Angeles, D.C. to Chicago – about all things X-Men: The Animated Series.


Eric & Julia



Coming soon… Our interview with Willie & Sonia as they examine every episode

X-men-TAS-logo-willie simpson


The Happy Haven Dives Deep into X-Men: TAS

the happy haven jason canary episode 19

PODCAST INTERVIEW: We speak with Host Jason @gnarlycanary about how he found the show as a young person in Boston and how it still resonates today.


GeekVibes Live! Talks All Things X-Men: TAS with Us


geek vibes nation live

PODCAST INTERVIEW:  Hosts Cait, Juwaan, Dale, Joel, Gerald & Canaan go into X-Men: TAS with us in a fun-filled 2-hour interview.


I Heart Radio Speaks with the One, the Only Cal Dodd, our Wolverine!

cal dodd I heart Geek jaysandlin podcast

PODCAST: The good geeks speak with a true legend, our own Wolverine: CAL DODD!



The Arkham Sessions Episode 101: The Psychology of Animated Series Panel at WonderCon 2017

arkham sessions logo

PANEL: Dr. Andrea Letamendi & Brian Ward from The Arkham Sessions Podcast host Henry Gilroy, David Wise and us as we dive deep into the inner workings of some of our favorite characters. Recorded at WonderCon 2017


XMen: TAS Podcast Examines Every Episode

xmen tas podcast willie sonia

 PODCAST: hosts Willie and Sonia start at the beginning & are working their way through the entire series, one episode at a time.


Comic Relief Episode 25 – The Animated Podcast

Tawmis Maico Comic Relief podcast

PODCAST INTERVIEW:  We talk with Tawmis and Maico as they cover San Diego Comic Fest live from the floor, along with many other guests.


An Englishman in San Diego Covers Con Fun & More

an englishman in san diego podcast

PODCAST: Covering Cons, Fests & Pop Culture.


SuperNerdsUK Episode 48


PODCAST:  Back with more Ben, Ian and Tim but this time they don’t talk to us. Instead they speak with two of our favorite people: CAL DODD @realcaldodd  the voice of Wolverine in X-Men: TAS and super-fan Wolver-Steve @wolversteve.


GEEK TO ME Radio Podcast talks X-Men:TAS


PODCAST INTERVIEW:  James with @GeektoMeRadio talks with us about the early days of X-Men:TAS and its enduring legacy.


Odd Shaped Panel Podcast Chat


PODCAST INTERVIEW: We sit back with @oddshapedpanel Tom and Kimber, and answer some deep X-Men:TAS questions.


The Big Nerdy Questions Podcast Asks Us Big Nerdy Questions


PODCAST INTERVIEW: We go deep on mutations, episodes and X-Men with @bnqpodcast Josh and Matt.


Heroes and Coffee Podcast 24th Anniversary of X-Men: TAS ‘Sneak Peek’ Debut


PODCAST INTERVIEW:  Just in time for the show’s 24th anniversary ‘sneak peek’ debut on Halloween, 1992, we chat with the charming @Da_Nerdette Phoenix Shanklin about the show’s beginnings.


Mixed Marvel Arts Episode 70


PODCAST INTERVIEW: Brian and Shaun welcome us to the Mixed Marvel Arts universe on their fifth anniversary and Brian’s birthday -we celebrate with a closer look at Season 1.


His Dork World/Her Dork World 2016/09/09


PODCAST INTERVIEW: We talk with super-fan Dean & nice newbie Emily from His Dork World/Her Dork World.


SuperNerdsUK Episode 33


PODCAST INTERVIEW: Ben, Ian & Tim from SuperNerds UK chat us up from across the pond.