Rogue and Gambit Celebrate: 7000 and Counting!

A year ago at this time we had just started our @xmentas Twitter feed, and we were trying to get this site up and running.  So yesterday’s passing of the 7000 mark in Twitter followers was gratifying.  In four months (October 31st) we will reach the 25th anniversary of the sneak-preview premiere, the first public showing of the first episode of X-MEN:TAS.  By then our book about the making of the show (Previously on X-Men — over 500 pages) will be out, and the celebrations can seriously begin.  Until then let’s just join Rogue and Gambit in moment of thanks for our getting this far.

Rogue-Gambit Kiss.jpg

6,000 Twitter Followers! Jubilee Can’t Believe It

We opened our @xmentas Twitter account late last May.  Thanks to your kind words and daily diligence from Julia (who manages the account), we have grown steadily.  So much has happened so quickly.  When we started, the movie “X-MEN: Apocalypse” was just opening; now “Logan” is assaulting the world.  The X-MEN:TAS book was half-done, and now it’s with the publisher, getting polished up for a hoped-for summer release.  We have had a great first-Con experience, thanks to Mike Towry and his partners, at Comic Fest, with producer/director Larry Houston and three series writers on panels.  We hope to appear at a Con or two each month for at least a year once the book is published.  But today we simply want to celebrate our growing Twitter community by marking another “1000” milestone.  The X-MEN:TAS art below is courtesy of stroyboard artist Keith Tucker, an old friend, whose work appears in around 20 of the X-MEN:TAS boards.


DEATHSTRIKE IS DELIGHTED: @xmentas reaches 4000 followers!

Yuriko is all up-in-arms over the fact that we have reached another Twitter milestone on @xmentas.  4000 followers.  Real fans, no bots.  Thanks again for your continued interest and for telling your friends about us.  It seems we have established a basic pace — adding 1000 people about every month-and-a-half.  We appreciate the response and will never take it for granted.  As we look forward to the publication of the X-MEN:TAS book (currently set for mid-July, with 32 cast and crew interviews completed so far), a little teaser of a look ahead: There’s a sub-chapter about a controversy over Lady Deathstryke’s design.  No spoilers.  You’ll just have to guess for now.


@XMENTAS hits 3000 followers on Twitter!

Thanks again!  It took a couple of months for our Twitter site (@xmentas) to get to 1000 followers on August 3rd.  Then it took another 44 days to get to 2000 on September 16th.  Now it is the 28th of October, it’s 42 days later, and we just hit 3000!  Rogue is so excited she’s stomping a dinosaur (courtesy of X-MEN:TAS producer/designer Will Meugniot).  If you haven’t yet, please join us as Twitter followers.  We who contribute to the website appreciate your keeping in touch and staying part of our X-MEN:TAS family.  We will do everything we can to keep updating and responding to your tweets on Twitter.




Thanks yet again.  We really didn’t know how to do this.  We slapped together @xmentas and this website a couple of months ago, and now they both have lives of their own.  Two days ago was by far the most-viewed blog post.  It’s great to have momentum.  We will never take it for granted.  Below is another of series producer/designer Will Meugniot’s recent sketches of a member of our X-MEN:TAS team.  Storm was not the simplest character to write for.  How do you make someone “regal,” “damaged,” and likable all at the same time?  I think our best stories about Ororo had to do with her struggle to contain her volatile, roiling emotions — a challenge never faced for a moment by Wolverine.  If you think about it, successful royal families have long had to serve their countries first, their personal feelings a distant second.  It also makes for fun animation opportunities when a master of the weather “loses it.”  In any case, today Storm is free to let loose as wildly as she likes.  She’s hoping we soon see 3,000.



A couple of you have asked to know more about the two of us that are maintaining this blog and the Twitter feed at @xmentas (yes, please follow us there).  Well, Julia mostly handles the tweeting and I mostly handle the blogging.  She came to Hollywood from Wisconsin via Texas, and I came here from Minnesota through Tennessee.  We are both grateful to have been able to raise a family by writing for television.  Below please see a couple of collages crafted by our niece Rev that display some of the series we have worked on over the years.  Many are the same (it’s nice to be able to take work together while being married), but some we did on our own.  The number and variety give you an indication of how we were each able to get by out here in this demanding business: be ready to work on whatever comes your way.  The one thing we can agree on is that X-MEN:TAS was the single greatest opportunity in both of our careers.  Thanks for making it last.