From the beginning of this site, we’ve been gratified by the number of folks who’ve reached out to us to talk about X-Men: TAS and our experiences, and the gems we find on the web. We’ll do our best to keep this list current. Curious how an ‘animated’ version of one of the big-screen trailers would look? Got an itch to hear THAT theme song? Ever wonder how Professor X would actually fire Wolverine? Pick your pleasure and dive right in.

This video from Looper dives into what adult fans notice in X-Men:TAS!

SYFY WIRE: Why X-Men: TAS is the Best Thing Ever

SYFY Wire why tas best thing ever

Who are we to argue?

NOW THIS: Here’s How X-Men: TAS Changed TV Forever

Now This How XMen TAS Changed TV Forever

Very nicely done.

Screen Junkies Honest Trailer X-Men: TAS


One of our favorite things ever: when the live-action movie X-Men Apocalypse was heading for the theaters, the folks at ScreenJunkies crafted this loving look at our X-Men: TAS.

Hilarious Reaction to Screen Junkies Honest Trailer for X-Men: TAS


When Screen Junkies released its Honest Trailer for X-Men: TAS, we didn’t think it could get any better – until we found JodysCorner watching & reacting.

X-Men: TAS Opening Theme


What many call the greatest theme  song  ever, with the opening sequence you know so well. Sing along. You know the words. na na na na NAAAAA na na

Quite Possibly the Greatest Cover of the Greatest Theme Song Ever

eric calderone metal cover xmen theme wolverine tattoos

Guitar great Eric Calderone rocks the X-Men: TAS theme while sporting kick-ass Wolverine claw tattoos – SNIKT!

The Gifted’s Greatest Easter Egg

the gifted 01

In Fox’s new show “The Gifted” they treat us to what may be the world’s greatest ringtone. Nananana NAAAA na na

MARVEL Creator Spotlight on the Great Len Wein


A visual reminder of this man’s genius.

WHAT IF: Thank you, Sam Ibrahim! We want this now

SI fan made X Force trailer

Editor Sam Ibrahim @MetalEditor creates the fan-made trailer for the show we want now: X-Force

SpeedForce Music Orchestrates the Theme Song


Mikey Flash @mikeschmidt09 makes the X-Men: TAS theme song soar

Screen Junkies Honest Trailer: Logan

honest trailer screen junkies logan 200th episode

Our friends at the Emmy-nominated Screen Junkies celebrate their 200th Honest Trailer by tackling… LOGAN!  Special shout-out to Epic Voice Guy for his heart-cracking performance at the 1:43 mark

LEGION Title Sequence Re-Cut to X-Men: TAS theme

legion tv poster 01

This works for us – on many levels. Thanks to fan Omari Daniels @TheOtherBigO

CONAN auditions Hugh Jackman’s Replacement for Wolverine

betty white wolverine claws

You know who our money’s on.

EX-MEN – Firing Wolverine

pete holmes exmen fires some xmen 01 wolverine

From The Pete Holmes Show:  Professor X lets Wolverine go. Warning – it ain’t pretty, Bub.

All X-Men Animated Intros Super Cut

xmen intros super cut

Thanks to @biboenvivo for alerting us to this one.

#AwesomeComics Top 10 Countdown Favorite X-Men: TAS Episodes


Aiyanna, Heather & Bryan discuss their Top 10 favorite episodes and story arcs. See if you agree.

SNL alum & HAMILTON’s Taran Killam Performs the Entire X-Men: TAS Pilot – by himself


SNL’s own Taran Killam – now in Broadway’s HAMILTON- hilariously re-enacts the entire pilot episode of X-Men: TAS by himself, in less than 4 minutes.

LOGAN Red Band Trailer Re-Cut with X-Men: TAS & Evolution


The latest trailer for LOGAN re-imagined with animation.

LOGAN Trailer # 2 Red Band


The red band trailer is (only slightly) more graphic.

LOGAN Trailer # 2


With the movie LOGAN opening in March, a new trailer has been released. And, yes, he’s found an X-Men fan.

Oscar Issac & Alexandra Shipp Sing X-Men:TAS Theme Song


Apocalypse and Storm rock the original theme song. Join them, won’t you?

Who Else in the Cast Can Sing the Theme Song?


James McAvoy brings it, but he’s not the only one who knows our favorite theme song.

If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men


If you ever wondered what that would be like, wonder no more.

A Turkish Version of X-Men


We couldn’t have made this up if we tried – love that someone made this & posted it for the world to enjoy.

Duet Ferriya Cover the great X-Men:TAS theme


We’re always astonished at the reach of X-Men:TAS – from half-way around the world, two talented women take on our theme song… and an unpleasant prison.

Stop Motion v Original: Side-by-Side Comparison


Compare and contrast the X-Men:TAS intro in a shot-for-shot examination.

X-Men:TAS Intro Redone in Stop Motion

stop-motion-xmenOur favorite intro now in amazing stop-motion!

Logan ‘Animated’ Trailer, Take 2


You think it can’t get better, and then it does.

Logan ‘Animated’ Trailer


Within hours of the release of the trailer for Logan, it’s re-imagined in the style of X-Men: TAS & X-Men Evolution.

Logan Back & White Trailer

logan-black-white-trailerA smart take on the live-action trailer for Logan – even more haunting in black-and-white.

Logan Official Trailer


We salute all things X-Men – here’s the trailer for Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine in the live-action trailer for Logan.

How It Should Have Ended – X-Men Apocalypse


HISHE folks take aim at the movie and have a lot of fun.

Apocalypse Side-By-Side: Live Action v Animated Trailers


Remarkable side-by-side comparison of the live action trailer versus the fan-made animated.

X-Men Apocalypse ‘Animated’ Trailer


The trailer beautifully re-cut with X-Men: TAS footage.

X-Men Apocalypse Official Trailer


The final trailer for the live-action film X-Men Apocalypse.

X-Men: TAS Opening Theme


And, to wrap things up, another shot at what many call the greatest theme  song  ever, with the opening sequence you know so well.