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Thanks for the reaction to the announcement of our X-MEN:TAS book, due out next year.  Ten times the usual number of people checked out this site over the past 24 hours.  Well, if you’re looking forward to the book, please know that you can BE PART OF IT.  There is going to be a chapter made up of testimonials.  We’ve published two already on this blog — memories of what watching X-MEN:TAS has meant to you.  Some people gained courage from the mutants’ struggles.  Some gratified viewers became animators or cartoonists or philosophy majors (Beast fans).  Others simply felt a connection to a group of characters that they had experienced nowhere else in their lives.  A number of authors have mentioned being inspired by the storytelling (humbling praise indeed).  Attached is a quote from the biography of Stephanie Meyer, the author of the much-loved “Twilight” series of books.  Artists and craftsmen hope their work can reach people.  Animation writers and artists tend to work alone or with a couple of friends and rarely do we experience that “connection,” with those who are affected by our efforts, that all creative workers strive for.  So, if X-MEN:TAS has meant something to you, please write us about it at xmentas92@gmail.com.  We will publish a variety of them, short or long, in the book.


testimonials, X-Men Show


Hundreds of millions of people around the world have enjoyed watching X-MEN:TAS.  This in itself is humbling for those of us who worked on the show.  For some viewers, however, the series proved to be more than just a cherished pleasure.  It affected their lives.  Careers were chosen, ideals formed.  Our intention was simply to tell and draw and voice the best animated TV stories we could.  No hidden agendas.  We were handed the task of explaining the lives of mutant superheroes who found themselves in a classically tragic situation — being feared and attacked for being different, for being “exceptional.”  I have met many people over the past 20 years who have said, “The X-Men animated series changed my life.”  How do you reply to that?  It’s a wonderful feeling, intensely gratifying.  We hope to post many of these “testimonials” on this site over the coming months and years, most often on “Fan Fridays.”  We started back in July with Jenee Darden’s eloquent memory.  Below is one of the more striking stories I have heard.  The Canadian gentleman who posted it in June was kind enough to permit us to reprint it here.

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testimonials, X-Men Show


Our favorite TV series can affect us profoundly. We will be reserving a tag for posting “testimonials” from fans for whom X-MEN: TAS has had an impact on their lives. This eloquent reminiscence was sent to me by Jenee Darden, writer and daughter of the storied Christopher Darden, prosecutor on the O.J. Simpson “trial of the century.” I contacted her upon reading in the L.A. Times that during the turmoil of the trial, at age 14, she had hurried home to watch X-MEN: TAS. We welcome such remembrances and will post all we can.

Dear Mr. Lewald,

Yesterday I had on a Marvel t-shirt when I opened your email. And I have a poster of Rogue, drawn like the one from your series, in my living room. Imagine my excitement when I saw your email.

Thank you and your wife Julia for reading my LA Times article. I appreciate that so many people have taken time out of their busy lives to read my story. And thank you for taking the time to contact me.

As you know, the O.J. Trial was a turbulent time in my teenage life and your X-Men series was one of the things I turned to for an escape. I didn’t get into Marvel until I watched your show. I’m so happy you and your colleagues fought to make the show progressive. I picked up on the civil rights messages and the empowering female superheroes. Rogue reminded me of my charming, yet strong Southern aunts in Mississippi. And as a young black girl Storm was everything to me. I wish the movie franchise would look to your example of Storm for future films.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid in the world who turned to your show for an escape, inspiration and fun. The work that you and other animators do is so important. Thanks to you, Margaret Loesch, Will Meugniot and Larry Houston for creating something that allowed me to be a kid when I was going through tough times.

You created one of the best animated series on television.  Thank you again!

Jenee Darden
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