For the first time ever, you’ll get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see how X-MEN: The Animated Series came about.

Eric Lewald has opened up his personal files going back over 25 years and reached out to dozens of people who helped make X-Men: TAS happen. Voice actors, artists, writers, and executives look back at the project that everyone in Hollywood thought couldn’t work, and how it became the country’s #1 hit animated program, running for five remarkable years. It all comes together in Eric’s new book: PREVIOUSLY ON X-MEN The Making of an Animated Series arriving this fall from Jacobs Brown Media.



Eric (right) shakes hands with Steven Kates at the contract signing with Jacobs Brown Media.



Promotional material from Fox Kids Network


Actor Cal Dodd, our unforgettable Wolverine & Actor Ron Rubin, the indelible Morph


Model art and storyboards



The crew jackets from GRAZ Entertainment