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Thanks yet again.  We really didn’t know how to do this.  We slapped together @xmentas and this website a couple of months ago, and now they both have lives of their own.  Two days ago was by far the most-viewed blog post.  It’s great to have momentum.  We will never take it for granted.  Below is another of series producer/designer Will Meugniot’s recent sketches of a member of our X-MEN:TAS team.  Storm was not the simplest character to write for.  How do you make someone “regal,” “damaged,” and likable all at the same time?  I think our best stories about Ororo had to do with her struggle to contain her volatile, roiling emotions — a challenge never faced for a moment by Wolverine.  If you think about it, successful royal families have long had to serve their countries first, their personal feelings a distant second.  It also makes for fun animation opportunities when a master of the weather “loses it.”  In any case, today Storm is free to let loose as wildly as she likes.  She’s hoping we soon see 3,000.




Eric - showrunner/developed for television - and Julia - episode writer - for X-Men: The Animated Series 1992-1997 - now with 2 books about the experience: 1) the definitive oral history titled Previously on X-Men & 2) X-Men The Art and Making of the Animated Series

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We’re Eric Lewald & Julia Lewald, two members of the creative force behind the animated X-Men series of the ’90s looking to celebrate and share our appreciation for it with the fan base that made this show the culture-changing mega-hit it is today.

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