X-MEN PSAs (Public Service Announcements)

You might not know that in 1994 the X-MEN:TAS cast starred in 12 public service announcements for the Fox Network.  These were 30-second bits, cut together from old footage from our show, shown between after-school programs with a fresh narration added by a primary character from the series.  In the one that follows, Storm speaks about our mutli-cultural world.  Beast does one about staying in school, and Rogue does one provocatively titled: “Girls Can’t” (of course they can — just ask Rogue).  I was assigned to write these along with my brother-in-law, Russ Wiederspahn, who was a journalist here in Los Angeles.  (Fans of the Fox animated series “The Tick” may recognize his last name as the one I used for Arthur’s boss in the Tick series pilot script.)

Storm PSA0001Storm PSA0002


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